Espresso Machine Sales & Service

We have Calgary’s largest selection of espresso machines and coffee grinders for home, office and small business. We provide manufacturer authorized service and repair! One of the most important aspects of buying an espresso machine is availability of good local service. And this is our priority number one! Come on over to have a look and chat about our selection.

Our brands:
ECM & Profitec, Expobar, La Marzocco, Lelit, Rocket, Ceado, Eureka.

Best deals and price match
Come visit us for best deals in town. We pride ourselves in having the best machines and the best price. We’ll match price. Please make sure we’re open and check our contact page before you head out.

We provide warranty service for customers that purchased machines from us. Local service means quick turnaround times and no need for shipping.

Our authorized dealer brands are: Expobar, Profitec, ECM, La Marzocco, Lelit, Rocket, Rancilio,
Baratza, Ceado, and Compak.