Rocket Mozzafiato Cronometro V


• Heat exchanger boiler design
• Steam boiler PID control
• Boiler capacity: 1.8 litres insulated
• Vibration pump
• Water reservoir: 2.9 litre



After the first customer-confusion renaming Cellini to Mozzafiato, came a second one: adding Cronometro to its naming. Well, the only thing that has changed this time is the addition of a timer. Now both vibration and rotary pump Mozzafiato machines have a discretely designed stopwatch to time your espresso shots.

The Mozzafiato Cronometro Type V offers an effective vibration pumps that deliver a perfect slow ramp up to full pressure. The steam boiler and brew pressure gauges give you the input you need to create that perfect cappuccino. The hidden-behind-the-tray PID shows the user the temperature of the steam boiler which can easily be adjusted.

Our take: The advice to “never take the lowest end model in the dealership’s car line-up” can also be applied here. For a modest up cost from the entry level model Appartamento, you get two gauges, PID temperature control, shot-timer and insulated boiler.

• Dimensions w x d x h: 280 x 425 x 400 mm
• Weight: 25 kg
• Power: 115V, 1200W, 15A

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Copper, White