Profitec Pro 700


• Dual boiler
• 0.75 L stainless steel brew boiler
• 2 L stainless steel steam boiler
• Boiler pressure gauge
• Brew pressure gauge
• Rotary pump
• 2.8 L water tank and plumb-in option

Flow control is a $350 add-on.



Profitec is a German brand designing and manufacturing high quality espresso machines and coffee grinders. If you’re looking for the Audi of espresso machines, this is it. The Pro 700 offers a dual boilers system with a very generous 2 litre steam boiler giving plenty steam power. An accurate PID temperature controller keeps the coffee water in the 0.75 litre brew boiler at exactly the right temperature. The full-size rotary pump provides quiet and consistent pump pressure and is well-suited for optional water line hookup. 

The Pro 700 is a dual boiler semi-automatic espresso machine with an E61 grouphead and PID temperature control. Just like the latest ECM Synchronika, this machine received a minor updated from the folks in Heidelberg. Besides the new knobs and black gauges, the machine can now steam at a higher pressure than the first version of the 700.

Pressure profiling: If you have mastered the art of espresso and want to advance your skills, add Profitec’s flow control. We can install the flow control at the time of purchase or at a later time.

Our take: This machine should be on your short list of dual boiler rotary pump espresso machines. It checks all the boxes at one of the lowest costs.

• Weight: 31 kg
• Dimensions w x d x h: 340 x 475 x 420 mm
• Power: 115V, 1600W, 15A

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Flow Control:

No, Yes