Profitec Pro 800


• Lever operated
• Single boiler
• 3.5 L copper boiler
• Boiler pressure gauge
• Vibration pump
• 2.8 L water tank



The Pro 800 espresso machine delivers a true traditional espresso machine experience. The lever loads the massive spring inside the group; boiler pressure delivers optimal pre-infusion; and releasing the lever delivers a perfect espresso due to its inherent pressure profile. The 800 has a huge 3.5 L boiler with plenty of water for pulling shot after shot, steaming and drawing water for americanos. The PID keeps it at the perfect temperature.

The Pro 800 does have a vibration pump but it is only used to fill the boiler with water from the tank. If you decide to use the direct water connection option, your machine will operate in silence. Imagine that!

Our take: This machine needs some space, no cupboards above. And it requires some strength. Enjoy perfect espresso based drinks from this beast. Add direct water and you want nothing else.

• Weight: 36 kg
• Dimensions w x d x h: 340 x 505 x 420 (730 lever up) mm
• Power: 115V, 1600W, 15A

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Flow Control:

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