Lelit Bianca PL162T


• Weight: 26.5 kg
• Dimensions w x d x h: 290 x 485 x 400 mm
• Power: 115V, 1400W, 15A



Lelit’s Bianca espresso machine easily competes with the likes of ECM Synchronika, Profitec Pro 700 and Rocket R58. And adds some excellent features without the upgrade cost. Who doesn’t want to experiment with flow control? And what about the classy walnut touches?

Bianca is a dual boiler semi-automatic espresso machine with PID temperature control. Its reservoir is modular and can be placed on either side or on the back of the machine depending on your kitchen’s layout. Once directly connected to water, the tank can be removed and put away. Bianca’s rotary pump is surprisingly quiet while delivery the pressure needed to pull amazing shots.

• Dual boiler system
• E61 paddle flow control
• 0.8 L stainless steel brew boiler 1000 W
• 1.5 L stainless steel steam boiler 1400 W
• PID temperature control
• Combined boiler and brew pressure gauge
• Rotary pump
• 2.5 L removable water tank
• Direct water connection option

Our take: We agree with Bianca’s slogan “if you are not a real barista, keep away from me”. However, you can also become a real barista with the Bianca.

Check Lelit’s Bianca page: https://bianca.lelit.com/index-eng.html for more detail.

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