ECM Synchronika


• Dual boiler
• 0.75 L stainless steel brew boiler
• 2 L stainless steel steam boiler
• Boiler pressure gauge
• Brew pressure gauge
• Rotary pump
• 2.8 L water tank and plumb-in option

Flow control is a $350 add-on.



The ECM Synchronika is a showmanship of German engineering. In this case the Mercedes Benz of espresso machines. Dual boilers system with a very generous 2 litre steam boiler giving plenty steam power. An accurate PID temperature controller keeps the coffee water in the 0.75 litre brew boiler at exactly the right temperature. The full-size rotary pump provides quiet and consistent pump pressure and is well-suited for optional water line hookup. With this machine, the quality is in the details.

The Synchronika is a dual boiler semi-automatic espresso machine with an E61 grouphead and PID temperature control. The PID operates both the brew and the steam boiler and offers a host of other settings including an ECO mode. When pulling a shot, the PID conveniently turns into a shot timer. The steam boiler allows for higher steam pressure than most residential espresso machines.

Pressure profiling: If you have mastered the art of espresso and want to advance your skills, add ECM’s flow control. We can install the flow control at the time of purchase or any time after.

Our take: Connect this machine to a waterline, turn it on, make amazing coffees and you’ll never look back at the initial investment. Sehr Gut!

• Weight: 31 kg
• Dimensions w x d x h: 340 x 475 x 420 mm
• Power: 115V, 1400W, 15A

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Flow Control

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