Avid Espresso Descaler


Avid Espresso Descaler is the recommended powder for descaling your manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic espresso machine. Also suitable for coffee brewers. Follow your machine’s recommended descaling procedure and instructions.

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Avid Espresso Descaler is designed in Canada by qualified espresso machine service technicians. Use Avid Espresso Descaler to remove scale buildup instead of vinegar which can be detrimental to your espresso or coffee machine. Avid Espresso Descaler not only removes scale also removes coffee residue and oils. Follow your machine’s recommended descaling procedure and compatibility or use our general instructions.

General instructions: Dissolve approximately 30 grams in warm water. Run solution through your espresso or coffee machine and discard. Flush machine with clean water until clear of solution. Descaling frequency depends on your machine requirements, usage, and water hardness. Not recommended on aluminium components.