Avid Espresso Cleaner


Avid Espresso Cleaner is the recommended powder for cleaning your manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic espresso machine. For regular household use, espresso machine manufacturers recommend a monthly cleaning. For commercial operations, a daily cleaning regimen is required. Follow your machine’s recommended backflushing procedure or use our instructions.

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Avid Espresso Cleaner is designed in Canada by qualified espresso machine service technicians. Unlike other espresso machine detergents it uses enzymes in addition to traditional ingredients. More effective foaming action leads to quicker and cleaner end-results.

General instructions: Use 3 grams for backflushing, 5 times for 10 seconds. Then repeat backflush without cleaner to rinse. Clean grouphead with wet cloth, flush and discard first espresso shot after cleaning. Soak metal components in warm water with dissolved Avid Espresso Cleaner powder.