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ECM Technika IV Profi

There is a group of espresso machine aficionados who consider the E61 HX (Heat Exchanger) espresso machine the most technically advanced and efficient system. And in fact it is, using only one boiler to create both steam and brew water, plus a very efficient thermosyphon system. ECM’s Technika IV Profi and its sister the Mechanika IV Profi offer the best in HX technology.

This top of the line in HX technology offers a rotary pump, direct connection option, steam and brew gauges and ‘profi’ valves for instant steam and water release.

The Technika IV Profi is a single boiler heat exchanger semi-automatic espresso machine with classic pressure stat temperature control.
• HX system
• 2 L copper boiler
• Pressure stat temperature control
• Boiler pressure gauge
• Brew pressure gauge
• Rotary pump
• 3 L water tank
• Direct water connection option

What’s in the box?:
• The machine
• Single spout portafilter with single basket
• Double spout portafilter with double basket
• Temporary tamper
• Stainless steel blind filter
• Brush
• Manual

• Weight: 27 kg
• Dimensions w x d x h: 325 x 475 x 390 mm
• Power: 115V, 1400W, 15A

ECM Mechanika IV Profi is technically the same machine with a slightly different housing.

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