Espresso Works services semi-automatic espresso machines and coffee grinders. Our authorized dealer brands are: Expobar, Profitec, ECM, Rocket, Rancilio, Baratza,and Compak. If you have a brand of machine that is not listed, please contact us to find out if we can service your machine. Non-house brands that we have serviced are Brasilia, Gaggia, La Scala, Quick Mill, Elektra, Gruppo Izzo, La Spaziale, Mazzer, and La Pavoni among others. We do not service Breville yet (we will be servicing higher-end Breville espresso machines in the near future). We do not service fully automatic espresso machines. A limited number of parts are available for purchase.

Flat Fee Service

Espresso Works provides a $89.95 flat fee repair service* plus the cost of parts for customers who purchased a machine or grinder from us or Orange Works. Warranty service is provides for customers who purchased a machine or grinder from us or from Orange Works. Our regular hourly charge is $79.95. If you bring in equipment for service outside warranty, and you decide not to go ahead with the repair, you may be charged a $35 evaluation cost.

Service Warranty

Our service standard comes with a 3 months warranty on parts and labour. If service warranty cannot be given, we will explicitly let you know.

Next Steps

• You can bring in your machine at any time during our opening hours. Opening hours and address are available on our contact us page. In some situations, especially when coming from out-of-town, it may be wise to set-up a service appointment.
• We will diagnose the problem and estimate the cost of repair. If the cost of repair including parts is less than $300, we will proceed with the repair unless otherwise requested by you or when a lower amount is requested.
• We try to realize short turnaround times in servicing your machine, measured in days and not weeks. Despite maintaining an adequate stock level of parts, we may run out of parts or we may need to special order parts. In that case the turnaround time will be longer. We will let you know if that is the case.
• After we let you know that servicing is completed or if equipment cannot be serviced, please pick up your machine within a week. If equipment is not picked up within a month, we may dispose of it and you are still responsible for the repair or evaluation cost.

Shipping and Transportation

Please contact us before shipping equipment to service. Some preparations are needed to make sure that the machine reaches us in good condition. Please protect your espresso machine from freezing when transporting in winter.

*Flat fee service comes with some exclusions: It may not apply to machines that are 5 years or older as these machines – due to their age and condition – can have a variety of issues. Additionally, full manual descaling service are excluded from flat fee service. We reserve the right not to service a machine due to its state or unserviceable condition. We will discuss with you best the best course of action in these situations.